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Creating a deployment

Once you have uploaded your server build and your region plan has been created,
it’s time to head over to Deployments on your dashboard.

Creating a deployment is very easy, you just have to give it a name, choose where you want to deploy by selecting a region plan, selecting a build from your preferred repository, and click on the Create a Deployment button!


If you're developing WebGames using WebSockets make sure you enable the Secure WebSocket feature! Raidflux allows you to use WSS/TLS protected WebSockets with the flick of a switch!


If you're NOT trying to launch a game that makes use of WebSockets make sure the toggle is DISABLED. wss-toggle

create deployment


If you've already created and assigned a billing profile continue below else go to Billing profiles!

note: It will NOT start charging you, after you've added a billing profile.

Enabling a deployment​

You can enable your Deployment and launch your server, click the 3 dots in the top right of the deployment you've just created.
Select Enable this will spin up your servers!


If your deployment is enabled you'll be charged hourly and gets calculated by the amount of resources your infrastructure uses. note: You'll get an overview of your used resources and the total cost at the end of the month.



If you are in development and testing features in your game, we recommend disabling your servers when they're not being used! This prevents you from getting billed for unused resources and will keep testing/development cost low!
Often not more than a couple of bucks a month!

Note: your cost may differ based on your usage and machine types.

Raidflux takes up to 5 minutes to spin up your servers, In the meantime lets continue at Going Live!